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T-Knobs are what we use on all of our Triple Bay Box and Triple Bay Flat rod holders to hold and tighten the rod holder bay onto the base, and we also use them to secure the base of the Triple Bay Box to the railing of a pontoon boat.  They are so much easier to tighten than using the wing nuts that were on our first line of rod holders.

We sell our Single Bay rod holders without hardware because there are so many different applications for them that there is not any one hardware kit that would apply to them all.  So that is why we are offering the T-Knobs separately so those who want to use them with the Single Bay rod holder may do so.

The T-Knob fits any 1/4" machine screw.  We also offer a T-Knob Hardware Kit that includes a machine screw and washer that will work for adding a Single Bay rod holder on pontoon railings where a Triple Bay Box rod holder will not fit. 

  • GREAT FOR:: Docks, piers, boat gunnels
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